Is Online Gambling Legal in Bangladesh?

Is Online Gambling Legal in Bangladesh?

June 20,2021 - Created by admin2

 Bangladesh, being a Muslim country, doesn't allow gambling. The only exceptions are horseracing bets and a few lotteries which are strictly regulated. There are no land-based casinos in Bangladesh, and even the online casinos are banned. In fact, the government recently embarked on a mission to block online casino sites. While the government is keen on controlling and regulating the Bangladesh gambling industry, it is hard to deal with the rising number of online casinos allowing Bangladesh players. Even when it cracks the whip on many of these online casinos, players can still access other international casinos or use VPNs to access the blocked sites. ## Casino Licensing in Bangladesh Gambling in Bangladesh is illegal, save for a few exceptions. Thus, there is no licensed casino in Bangladesh, whether land-based or their online counterparts. But that is not to say players can't access an online casino and mobile games. They are free to join and play in any international casino. Now, players should be concerned about the online casino they are joining. They should not make the mistake of joining an unlicensed online casino. Such ventures will hardly pay winnings, and in the worst case, they could be stealing player's data. The online gambling industry is a hotbed for fraud. ## Free and Real Money Mobile Casinos The advantage of mobile casino games is free money play. Select casinos offer promotions, including free money bets. Unfortunately, they are bound by strict wagering requirements. If gamblers want to play, and withdraw winnings instantly, in case they are lucky, they need to play with real money. Real money mobile casino games attract real money winnings without any wagering restrictions. However, gambling can be addictive, so players should remember to play responsibly. They should set a budget for betting, and always remember that casino games are no substitute for work or school. Above all, players should never stake what they can't afford to lose. ## The Future of Mobile Casino Gaming While the Bangladesh government and the Muslim population are keen on ensuring the Shariah laws are observed to the letter, it is an effort in futility. Even the streets courts established to punish gamblers are not working. The online gambling craze has caught up with the Bangladesh gamblers. At the end of the day, Bangladesh players can still access online casino games offered by international sites. With mobile gambling technology expanding, and internet penetration rising, mobile casino games will increasingly become popular in the next few years. This is even if the government remains adamant about not opening up the Bangladesh frontiers.

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